Friday, September 28, 2012

1804 - East India Company Bronze-Gilt Two-Pice RARE

1804 - East India Company Two-Pice Bronze-Gilt Coin RARE
Size: 20.5mm

- Colonial India -
Coinage of the British East India Company

In AD 1600, the East India Company was founded and set up trading settlements on the coast of India, known as 'factories', At first they used silver coins from the New World, but were not accepted elsewhere in India.
Gradually Britain�s interest in India turned from trade to involvement in local politics and, by 1834, East India Company's influence extended over most of India. From 1835, the Company issued the Uniform Coinage for all its Indian possessions. Their attitude had changed from the adoption of local traditions to the imposition of Western ideas. This new coinage was minted on the English pattern, with the head of the ruler of England in place of the name of Mughal emperor and the inscription 'EAST INDIA COMPANY' on the reverse.

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